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Fitness Options

Life is a Balancing Act

We Can Help You with That!

TRAINING OPTIONS include your choice or combination of:

  • Personal Training (individual or small group)

  • Vinyasa Yoga Flow (can be modified for beginners to advanced level)

  • Gentle Yoga/Pilates (Yoga and Pilates poses done standing on a mat and in a chair)

  • Restorative Yin Yoga (passive stretching, staying in poses from 3-5 minutes)

  • Pilates & Yoga (combines the best of Pilates which focuses on core/back strength and Yoga)

Locations 10 miles outside of Avon Lake, Ohio, charged mileage.


If you are ready to schedule your session, please click here and share the following:  

  1. Your current health situation, health history, etc. 

  2. Any limitations as well as your personal goal(s)

  3. Availability (days of the week and times)

  4. Name, the city you reside in, phone number and/or email 


 Give Loved Ones the Gift of Fitness

Gift Certificates Available

Call 440-644-0121 or email

You know the old adage, "Take care of yourself before caring for others."

That's what private sessions can do for you! 

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