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7 ways compassionate caregivers help seniors thrive!

#1 — Companionship: Sometimes all a person needs is someone to speak with and relate to. Caregivers with compassion have open ears and an ability to engage with seniors who want nothing more than to share their stories, observations, opinions and insights.

#2 — An Eye on Overall Health: Caregivers don’t just spend time with seniors at home; they are trained to monitor numerous aspects of senior lives. They are able to make adjustments in the type of care they provide on a regular basis and can also provide family members with insights that they might not otherwise notice.

#3— The Little Tasks: Keeping up a home is all about taking care of the “little things.” Dusting, taking out the trash and other chores can be difficult to keep up with for some seniors, but when a caregiver is involved, the helping hand makes a significant difference.

#4 — Minding Medication: Seniors rely on prescription meds to live healthy lives, but it can be hard to keep track of all of them. Caregivers take the mental pressure off of seniors by keeping close tabs on medication needs.

#5 — Meal Preparation: Part of living a happy, healthy senior life is eating right. Caregivers can take on the burden of preparing healthy, hearty meals for seniors who live at home.

#6 — Bathing and Grooming Care: Younger people often take for granted their ability to bathe and groom themselves with ease. For seniors, help is often required for them to look and feel their best. Caregivers are there to assist.

#7 — Transport Around the Home: Living at home is comfortable, but transferring from the bed to an upright position, or getting into and out of the bath can be challenging. Compassionate caregivers are there to lend a hand.

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