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Business References:  

  • Renee Barrett, CHES, RYT, ACE-CPT, Program Manager at Fitness Center at University Hospitals Avon Health Center

  • Lydia Gadd, Director of Senior & Community Services City of Westlake

  • Cher Lukacs, Lawyer and Director of Sat Nam 

  • Mike Krahl, City of Avon Lake Parks & Recreation Recreation Facilities Manager

  • Joanne Penkalski, Adult Programs and Services, Westlake Porter Public Library



Diana Maiola,  CEO & President of Italian Tours & Travel by Diana

  • "I hired Lana to offer yoga in the workplace which exceeding our expectations.  I also hired Lana to lead daily yoga classes for my tour group. It was a Yoga Retreat in Tuscany, Italy.  Lana was not only professional but also has a bright personality which is so refreshing. Her ability to connect with anyone, her dance like flow of poses she led us through and amazing music truly sets her apart from other teachers. The age range was mid 30s to 80. She not only offered Vinyasa Yoga, she also offered Chair Yoga. This was perfect because it encouraged those new (men and women) to yoga, those wanting a good but gentler workout, or those unable to get up and down on the mat, to enjoy the gift of yoga.  Lana is very intuitive and has an innate skill and passion for giving students what they need from their yoga practice. I would highly recommend Lana!"  

Dr. Deborah Ghazoul- Mills, Pediatrician at Cleveland Clinic Children's

  • "Lana is a lifesaver! Participating in her chair yoga classes has helped me regain strength, flexibility, and stamina after a major surgery.  Her customized approach to yoga poses has been therapeutic and instrumental to my recovery. I am so thankful for Lana's care and compassion in helping me discover and enjoy yoga."

Dennis Smith, Retiree from Legacy Points Associates

  • "With a high degree of reluctance, I accepted my wife's invitation to do yoga with Lana. Being a 64 year old male, I did not see any usefulness in doing yoga. Was I shocked! With the personal instruction I was able to follow along and increase my flexibility which improved my golf game dramatically. Lana's nickname should be Sunshine as she is always bright and cheerful and knowledgeable in customizing poses to meet my fitness goals. I would highly recommend Lana Sevel for your yoga therapy needs - individual and group sessions." 

Dave Stack, Founder of MusicStack

  • "Lana was extremely helpful in moving my stepdad into assisted living at Independence Village in Avon Lake.  She showed up on time, brought proper moving supplies and was very organized and careful in packing up (and later unpacking) his possessions. She made a stressful day much less stressful. Thank you for your excellent service!"

Barbara Philibert, President & CEO Pettibone LLC

  • "I would highly recommend Lana Sevel as a yoga instructor. I had wanted to get back into yoga after not practicing for ten years. Over that period of time I had lost a lot of flexibility and strength and didn't want to try going into a large class with others. I hired Lana for private instructions and she is amazing. She listens to my objectives and is very supportive of my health goals. She has tailored lessons to attack certain areas while reacquainting me with the yoga poses and proper posture.  Her customized approach to teaching yoga has offered countless therapeutic benefits to help me achieve optimal wellness. I even have felt comfortable enough to go back to classes now that I can keep up with the flow and have built up my confidence. Lana puts much time and effort into her sessions and really strives to meet the goals of her clients. She is a true professional with a wonderful and supportive approach."

Lucy O'Shaughnessy, Attorney, L. O'Shaughnessy Law LLC

  • “Lana's yoga classes are the highlight of every week and I look forward to the hour just for me.  With each class I get stronger and feel better both physically and mentally. Lana's motivational words have helped me work through problems off the mat. She is sweet, generous and compassionate and I often recommend her to my friends and family.  I am lucky to have found her!”


Paula Swartz, RN CNOR 

  • "I heard from a friend that Lana was starting a yoga class near my home.  I had tried a class previous to this and was just about to forget yoga.  After attending several of Lana’s classes I was hooked.  She never goes too fast or too hard.  Her pace and flow of poses always are equal to a good sweaty workout. I have much better flexibility and balance. We have all benefited and grown closer in class through Lana’s energy and positive life force!"

Dana Keaton, Stay at Home Mom 

  • "Let me start with how Lana radiates with positive energy! I have been taking her class for over a year now. I was fortunate enough to take the beginner series to learn proper form. Every class I leave feeling great with a greater piece of mind. Lana is an exceptional teacher and an extremely caring person. You won't regret taking her class."

Debbie Banks Skellenger, Independent Insurance Agent

  • "I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years now and Lana has been one of my favorite yoga teachers .  The benefits of yoga are many and Lana has helped me deepen my practice both physically and spiritually.   My body has gotten stronger.  I can handle stress better and I have strengthened my spirituality.  Lana’s genuine love, compassion and commitment to people and life in general are the personal qualities that draw me to her and keep me coming back for more.   I am so grateful to have her in my life."

Dr. Tsulee Chen, Pediatric Neurosurgery Specialist

  • Dr. Chen attended the Yoga Retreat I led in Italy in 2018. "Tuscany served as the perfect backdrop for learning, honing, and experimenting with my yoga practice.  The rolling hills and crisp air opened my heart and lungs, fitting for each mountain pose and sun salutation. Among many things, Lana taught me that no two warrior one stances are the same, each unique with the tweak of the hips or bend of the knee to sink deeper into my foundation. The beauty of her teaching style is that no matter a beginner or advanced yogi, the class was applicable to all.  Her radiant personality and kindness exudes the principles of yoga, and is absolutely infectious. The light in her honors the light in us all, and I can only hope to replicate and reciprocate. Namaste!"

Sandy Waterbury, Jennings Nurse Administrator

  • "I wanted to do something special for my employees who had been putting in long hours in a very strenuous environment. Lana came in and performed yoga for my group. The majority of them had never done yoga and one employee was wheelchair bound. Lana customized her work out to fit everybody’s need, even those with extreme limited mobility, and made if fun for all. Her Music selections were even thought out for the people participating! Lana is the best, and I would Hire her again and again!!!"​​


Denise Simcox, Marketing Director Capio Partners LLC

  • "I have known Lana since 2003,  on a personal and professional level, and she possesses all of the great qualities of a true friend and professional.  Lana puts the “P” in professional! She is courteous, responsive and is a great leader. Lana’s work ethic is exceptional due to her dedication, loyalty and hard work. She goes above and beyond to strive for excellence. On a personal level, Lana is dependable and trustworthy. She brightens up any room with her vigorous smile and gregarious personality. Lana is witty and charming, loving and caring - - I am so fortunate to have this beautiful person in my world!"​​​

Bill Lynch, Director Business Development ,TeraMedica

  • "I highly recommend Lana. I was blessed with the opportunity to work with Lana at Forcare, a Dutch-based healthcare software company. She and I were the first US employees. Lana dug in quickly and passionately, launching and running our inside sales effort, which she did a tremendous job on. In addition, she created all of our US-based marketing materials, website development, maintained our analytics database, and led our trade show activity. Her knowledge of the healthcare space, her diverse background, her willingness to go above and beyond, her caring, and her client-first approach were invaluable as we established a US presence. It was a true pleasure, both professionally and personally, to work with Lana."

Dave Schraff, IT Manager Cleveland Clinic

  • "I've worked directly with Lana for four years on a major Epic implementation project for Cleveland Clinic. As our Communications Project Manager, she consistently demonstrated her skill and integrity throughout a variety of project phases and team compositions. She brought to her work the inimitable sense of joy and grace that is the sign of a true professional, and exemplified the fundamental values of Cleveland Clinic's culture in a way that many of us should aspire to."

Laura Valentine, HR Manager, LaserShip

  • "It is my pleasure to endorse Lana Sevel. Lana has ALWAYS impressed me in the 20+ years of knowing her with professionalism and integrity. She is admired by friends, peers and co-workers for her positive energy, expertise in her field (Cleveland Clinic) and unwavering commitment to excellence in everything she is involved with. I highly recommend Lana Sevel."


Sheila Duenes, Physician Liaison, Cleveland Clinic

  • "Lana was always a joy to work with. She puts all of her energy in everything she does and treats everyone with respect and kindness." 


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