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Workplace Wellness 

If your organization is looking for ways to stay positive and energized, reduce stress and healthcare costs while increasing morale, productivity and employee health, then you are in good hands with Lana Sevel. She offers workplace yoga sessions, one-on-one coaching, customized workshops to meet the needs of your specific goals. Below are just a handful of the services offered.  

REMOTE FITNESS CLASSES:   Choice of 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.  

  • Remote Chair Yoga:  This class is designed to unplug and clear your head, calm the mind stretch the energy body in a gentle way. 

  • Remote Slow Flow Yoga - Unplug and Recharge:  A slow flow yoga class designed to reduce stress, improve posture, increase strength and flexibility, and leave you feeling grounded and refreshed.

  • Interval Training/Yoga Strech:  A low impact interval training and yoga stretch class that is fun and helps employees build muscular and cardiovascular strength, while relieving stress.

For 2 to 10 people, cost is $55 for 30 minutes, $80 for 45 minutes, $100 for 1 hour.  For 11 - + people, cost doubles.  


  • 2-Hour Workshop: Yoga for Stress Management

    • Cost​ is $250 for a 2 Hour Workshop:  This workshop will cover asanas (postures) to regulate effects of stress on the body, breathing techniques to calm the nervous system and meditation to clear the mind.  All of us combat stress in different ways every day. With increased knowledge about the body, the mind, its energy systems  we learn to live a more harmonious life with tools for reducing stress and optimizing mental and physical health.

  • 3 Week Beginners Yoga Workshop Series (Three 90 Minute Classes)

    • Maximum of 10 people per Workshop Series.  It's no secret that yoga helps stress and anxiety, balance, posture, muscular strength and tone, memory, blood pressure, and so much more. This class will cover:

      • What Beginners Should Know, Etiquette, and Yoga Tips​

      • The Benefits of Yoga, Types of Yoga

      • Yoga Postures, Discussion and Practice

      • Yoga History, Meditation, Relaxation Techniques

  • 2-Hour Workshop: Workplace Wellness (Corporate Choice)

    • Cost​ is $350 for 2 Hour Workshop:  Lana will meet with you to discuss and determine your specific corporate/department needs and goals. She will help you uncover problem areas, goals and create a workshop with content customized to meet the individual needs of your department and implement positive change. The workshop will include exercises and breathing techniques for reducing stress and optimizing mental and physical health.  


  • 7 Week Chakra Workshop Series (Seven 90 Minute Classes)

    • This workshop is designed to educate you and provide you with the tools  to shift how you heal, how you think and draw you into a deeper sense of well being.  Each week we will explore a different chakra to help you understand how your energy body, emotional and physical, interweave to optimize wellness through your whole being. Class includes an all levels slow flow yoga practice, with time for journaling, reflection and meditation.  

    • In yoga, we can get wrapped up in the physical body, but the work we are doing is also to clear and balance the energetic body.  Chakras are energetic centers in the subtle body that cannot be seen, but can be sensed.  There are 7 major chakras located along the spine.  Emotions and memories that we haven’t processed can become stuck, creating imbalances and blockages affecting the flow of energy creating physical and mental illness. This workshop will provide you with the tools to shift how you heal and feel for optimal health and well being. 


Organizations interested in classes and/or corporate workshops, please contact Lana Sevel directly at 440-644-0121 or fill out a form here


Locations 10 miles outside of Avon Lake, Ohio is charged mileage.

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